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100% Pure Maple Syrup

You don't need to be in New England to enjoy fresh, locally produced 100% pure maple syrup. Made from Ohio's own beautiful maple trees, our syrup is crafted using time-honored traditions.

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Now available at Buckley Bros. Feed & Pet Supply in Morrow!

Check out our Facebook page for lots of pictures, updates on the farm, and more!

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Open Weekends

Our processing season for 2017 has started and will run through early-mid March depending on how long the cold weather holds out and if the sap keeps flowing. You can stop in and see how maple syrup is made and pick up any of our delicious freshly made products. Our hours are from 1-4 on both Saturday and Sunday each weekend until the end of the season. 

In order for the sap to flow, the trees require a swing in temperatures from below freezing to above freezing in order to build up pressure. As the weather is unpredictable, we may not have sap to process on a particular weekend if there have been many days of below or above freezing temperatures. In this case, we'll still be open but may not be processing. You are still welcome to stop by and see the operation and purchase our syrup. Feel free to call us the day before you come (or check out our Facebook page at to determine if we will be actively processing that weekend. 

It's about a 100 feet across the yard from the driveway to the sugarhouse. With all the rain we've had this year, the ground is a little muddy so please plan your footwear accordingly. 

We hope to see you this season!

Thomas Ireland Smith Farm

About Us

Our farm is located in beautiful Morrow Ohio (close to Cincinnati), and has been a proud part of the local landscape for more than 140 years. We tap our own trees as well as those of many of our neighbors to produce our delicious maple syrup.

It is truly a community affair!