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100% Pure Maple Syrup

You don't need to be in New England to enjoy fresh, locally produced 100% pure maple syrup. Made from Ohio's own beautiful maple trees, our syrup is crafted using time-honored traditions.

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The Jam & Jelly Lady in downtown historic Lebanon!

Check out our Facebook page for lots of pictures, updates on the farm, and more!

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Thomas Ireland Smith Farm

Our farm is located in beautiful Morrow Ohio (close to Cincinnati), and has been a proud part of the local landscape for nearly 150 years. Our properties include thousands of new seedlings (maples and other important woodland trees) in addition to diverse wildflower meadows. We also have extensive woods in Pleasant Plain where we tap gorgeous mature red maples, which give our syrup a very flavorful, robust, buttery taste. 

2018 Season

We are rapidly approaching our tapping season, which typically begins in January! We'll be opening our doors for a few weekends during our processing season, where you can come and see how maple syrup is made. Stay tuned for more information!